Week 6 — Shapes

February 28, 2011 at 1:32 am (ED TECH 506) (, , , )

This week’s focus was on shapes and how they carry more meaning and instructional value than we often think of for them. I had no trouble finding an image to microblog, as there are shapes everywhere. In the end, I went with a sign that gave directions through drawings with no text. Both shape and univeral design were present in the graphic. As for the visual that would be added to the final project, here I had more trouble deciding where to go. My initial thought was to build a lesson map for teachers to follow, using gears and text to tie all the lessons together. Luckily, I found a free set of paint brushes that supported the development of the teeth for the gears. That would have been challenging otherwise. However, I did not feel that the lesson map was enough for the assignment, so I added two simple shape designs for my final project that will be encountered by students. For this, I build an image of how both wedges and screws involve the use of inclined planes, demonstrating how the simple machines really are linked together in many ways.


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Week 5 Reflection

February 20, 2011 at 3:04 am (ED TECH 506) (, , , , , )

This week’s assignments focused on reading Chapter 3 from our text, starting our Twitter (micro-blogging) activities, and beginning our design journal (blogging). Chapter 3 of our text focused on research supporting visual design work, with a great deal of discussion of brain/memory research and cognitive load theory. I often find brain research both interesting and intimidating at the same time, and this chapter was no exception. The gist, as best I can tell, is to keep the design of text and graphics clean and not overworked, in order to avoid overwhelming the target recipient.

As for the blogging and micro-blogging, I have previously completed blogging activiteis, but I have limited experience with Twitter. I have had an account and have followed a variety of posters for a few months, but have not pursued any followers. I look forward to trying out this technology tool.

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